Karen Hardy

City of Santa Clara

Council Member District 3

Throughout the last four years, I have been honored to serve the residents of District 3. Between the pandemic, economic uncertainty, and changes in city staff, we have had many challenges. During my elected term, I have focused on how to best address the needs of this city by serving on water and sewer boards, chairing the bicycle and pedestrian committee and assisting as vice-chair on the regional emergency communications board. It has also been my great joy to continue to teach math and computer science at Wilcox High School.

I care deeply about this community. In my 30+ years living here, I have worked to protect our quality of life and economic stability. I volunteered as a commissioner in Santa Clara for 13 years, championed more events at our city owned stadium and wrote the resolution that resulted in Santa Clara being chosen to host the World Cup in 2026. I am working regionally to protect our strained water resources and preserve the communication network between all public safety agencies.

I would like to continue to serve on the Santa Clara City Council and make a difference in the community.


November 8, 2022


Machado Park Updates

Water Conservation

World Cup at Levi Stadium